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An Update From our Shop – 6/29/2020

An Update From our Shop – 6/29/2020

Well, 2020 just keeps on trucking, and thankfully we’ve been able to roll with the punches. We appreciate the patience everyone had earlier, when we were forced to close early a couple days unexpectedly, and temporarily postpone our delivery service. We’re happy to announce that our delivery service is fully back in action, and as a reminder, we are still offering our express order service, where you can place an order and pick it up without having to get out of your vehicle.

You can see the video giving instructions on how to go about your express order pickup below. For delivery, it’s not a lot different. You place your order on the website, and specify exactly which service you’d like to use to get your product(s).


YouTube video


We continue to try and remain flexible when it comes to ways to make sure you get the products you need, if you have any ideas or if you wish to give us any feedback, you can do so by using the contact form on our website, or by leaving us feedback on any of the mediums we have available for feedback and reviews (linked below).

We would also like to announce we’ve got a new video to show you! This video is meant to be more of a promotional commercial, showing our dispensary and raising awareness. Please feel free to share it with your friends, as the more people that see the video, the better it is for us!


YouTube video


As always, don’t forget to stop by our daily deals section, we have a different deal every day of the week, so if you plan on stopping by it’s worth checking out so you can find out which deal you’re able to take advantage of when you place your order.







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