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Cooked With Cannabis: Is it Worth the Watch?

Cooked With Cannabis: Is it Worth the Watch?

The coronavirus lockdowns have had many different effects, but from the very beginning one of those that has persisted is an increase in binging new shows on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others. It started with the Tiger King, and many other shows have trended since. The latest is a new addition to Netflix, a cannabis-themed cooking show called Cooked with Cannabis.

Co-hosted by Kelis, singer-turned-chef, and Leather Storrs. Reviews suggest the timing for this new show couldn’t be better. The competitors, usually three pro weed chefs, prepare dishes for guests as they battle for a $10,000 prize. In the episodes, each cook gets a theme and time to prepare a THC-infused appetizer entrée and dessert. While Kelis and Storrs are co-chief judges, each episode features new guest celebreities, like Ricki Lake, Jo Koy, and more.

Kelis and Storrs, through the cooking series, prove to the world that marijuana can serve a range of purposes – Including for cooking.

What makes the show unique?

Cooked with Cannabis may not drift so far from a typical midday show on the Food Network, but the scenes get you hooked as it unveils more on the science of marijuana used in a culinary context. Being a culinary show, the taste is a good factor. Alternatively, judges weigh how much THC (the high causing compound in cannabis) and CBD (the body calming property) balances out in the courses.

Seeing how the chefs carefully balance these two compounds is fun in itself. They intentionally work up the THC content to leave testers high on the main course and then stroke in some CBD-rich deserts to balance out the effects. The show aims to educate viewers on culinary weed and its promises. The episodes come with unique themes and exciting delicacies, like Gaspacho layered with bong smoke, THC-packed carrot gel, and rib-eye steak covered with butter rich in Wedding Cake – a euphoria-causing strain.

Cooked with Cannabis

However, some of the themes just don’t pan out well. And sometimes, watching people making pot mealworms and grasshoppers isn’t exactly… appetizing. Some reviewers say the show would grab more interest If Leather was replaced with someone that’ll bond better with Kelis, the show was made a little more competitive, and if viewers are given the recipes so they too could try it at home.

Is it Worth the Watch?

Kelis alone adds massive value to the show. Who would’ve thought the “milkshake” singer had some culinary tricks up her sleeves? It’s impressive to learn she earned a certificate from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, Paris, where she studied as a saucier from 2006 and 2010. She’s no slouch in the kitchen.

This expertise, coupled with her fun personality balances with Leathers’ more serious approach. The celebrity testers are another exciting feature to look out for. Unlike other competition shows, they hardly ever care about criticizing the recipes; they just sit out there taking down some exciting delicacies and while giggling away.

Cooked with Cannabis

It’s even more interesting seeing Elle King discuss how pleasant the course gets with Mary Lynn and Ricki Lake, and how they burst into laughter with the slightest provocation. Everyone seems more interested in the fun than the competition, save Storrs who actually makes a good conflict element for the show. Although the contestants will have to put up through Storrs yelling, they are just too elated to feel bothered.

Cooked with Cannabis is certainly worth the watch, it’s an interesting show with a good dynamic between hosts. If you’re into cannabis and interested in what the culinary world is doing with cannabis these days, there’s plenty here to keep you entertained.

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