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Delta Dispensary and COVID-19

Delta Dispensary and COVID-19

On March 17th, the COVID-19 outbreak led Contra Costa County to be ordered to shelter-in-place. While our primary concern is absolutely safety, and we agree that the shelter-in-place order was necessary to slow the spread of this virus, it placed our dispensary in a difficult position when it came to providing our customers with the products they want and need. Initially, we had no choice but to close our doors along with so many other local businesses during this difficult time. However, this closure was temporary.

We received so much supportive feedback from our customers, feedback that we highly value and respect. Among statements of support and well-wishes, many customers were asking if there was *anything* that could be done that would allow us to get our products into their hands. We heard this feedback, and as a response, we moved quickly to offer our Express Order Service.


What is the Express Order Service?

Our Express Order Service gave us the ability to return to business very quickly. We have released a video here on how this service works. Don’t want to sit through a video to figure it out? That’s okay, we’ll explain it here for you, too.

Step 1: Visit our menu here, and place your order online.
Step 2: Come to our shop

Step 3: When you arrive, stay to the left, drive around the back of the complex where you will find a Delta Dispensary employee, who will verify your order and check you in.
Step 4: Provide the budtender that comes to your vehicle with your payment method, pull to the side for a moment, and wait for your order to be prepared.

Step 5: Our budtenders will process your payment, grab your order, and bring it to your vehicle.


Shortly after we began offering our Express Delivery Service, the state of California designated our shop, and shops like ours essential, and allowed us to remain open, just so long as our employees and customers respected the suggestions put forth regarding social distancing. However, despite the fact that our shop was allowed to re-open its doors our Express Order Service continued to be a preferred method for many customers, showing us how important it is to so many at this time to keep a safe and healthy distance. Due to this, we streamlined the availability of our delivery service.

Delivery Service now available

Getting our delivery service up and running has been something we’ve been focusing on making available since we first opened our doors. Having that said, there have been some details we needed to cover in order to get that effort moving. The current situation regarding COVID-19 pushed us to get this figured out sooner rather than later. If you’d like to have your purchase delivered, place your order using our menu here.

We’re currently delivering to the following areas: Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch and Pittsburg. We aren’t offering delivery to any areas outside of those mentioned at the moment, but we do plan on extending our service area for delivery in the future.


Our COVID-19 food drive is still going, donate today!

As many have heard at this point, seniors are at a higher risk of serious health complications related to the COVID-19 virus. This has put many seniors in our community in a difficult position. They still need groceries but are among the segment of our community that has the most to lose by going to grocery stores. Due to this, we are trying our best to help support seniors in our community with our COVID-19 food drive.

There are many ways you can donate. You can bring goods to our shop, regardless of whether you want to use our express order service or if you’re coming in. You can also give your donations to our driver if you’re getting delivery.

If you’d like to receive donations or if you’d like to arrange submitting donations, you can visit our page here. Just visit the page that we’ve set up, let us know if you’d like to donate or if you’d like to receive donations, and we’ll do the rest from there.

Here at Delta Dispensary, we will continue to try our best to provide the very best customer service we can. We want to ensure our customers can depend on quality products, and we want to ensure our customers can get what they need when they need it. We will continue to evaluate ways we can make our service as effective and convenient as possible.

And remember, your feedback is very important to us. Please visit any of the pages below and let us know how we’re doing. Our #1 goal is to make sure that our customers are happy, and your valuable feedback helps us make sure we’re doing everything we can to improve and meet your needs.