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Does cannabis fight COVID-19?

Does cannabis fight COVID-19?

In case you are here looking for the fast answer from the headline, “Does cannabis fight COVID-19?” the short answer is, no. There have been articles shared, and claims made that cannabis, or CBD can have properties that fight or prevent the Coronavirus, and for all intents and purposes, and articles or sources making such a claim are essentially trying to sell snake-oil. CBD and cannabis have a lot of beneficial properties, that can help with a lot of issues. However, as far as Coronavirus is concerned there hasn’t been enough testing done to even validate research that any medical approach is effective with Coronavirus, let alone research that validates the claims being made by many outlets saying that marijuana or its counterparts can serve as a COVID cure.

There have been some studies, that you can read about here, and the results from those studies have shown us about what you’d expect; that some individuals can have symptoms eased slightly by the use of cannabis or CBD, and others may experience adverse effects. In none of the studies (that I’ve come across anyway) does it indicate that either act as a cure.

So, how can cannabis or CBD help you?

While we are not in the position to speak on any medical benefits that come from the use of cannabis or CBD as it relates to COVID, we do know that these things can be effective as reducing stress, or anxiety related to the current shelter-in-place orders in California and across the country. Of course, it’s very important that you are doing everything you can to respect social distancing while attempting to procure these products. Things like express pickup services, delivery services, or making sure you’re keep a safe 6 feet of social distance while wearing a mask when visiting the dispensary can all be effective toward preventing or mitigating the opportunity of catching the virus.

Here at Delta Dispensary, we’ve tried to be agile and flexible in the face of rapidly changing social and political conditions. We offer an express pickup service that you can utilize by simply placing an order online through our online menu. When you get to check out, you are left with the option of how you would like to pickup or receive your product; delivery, express pickup, or in-store pickup. We understand that during these difficult times, customers want options for getting the products they want, and different people feel comfortable with different approaches.

We also have a post on our site, that you can read here, outlining some of the benefits of CBD, not related to COVID-19.


What can you do to stay above the misinformation?

It’s important to understand that at this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, very few medical studies are definitive when it comes to what does or does not effectively fight the effects of Coronavirus. We’ve seen articles that seem to contradict themselves every other day, it feels. When this situation initially began, there were a lot of articles and media personalities claiming that smoking increased the risk of Coronavirus, and as some time has passed, now we’re seeing articles that claim the opposite, that smokers seem less likely to receive Coronavirus versus non-smokers.

So, what’s the truth? The truth is, this pandemic came at us very quickly, and much like any situation under a global spotlight, there are going to be individuals and companies who are eager to capitalize on whatever they can as literally everyone around the globe races to find their own safe economic foothold amid so much uncertainty. There will always be opportunists, and there will always be individuals or groups attempting to do all they can to validate narratives that support their side of an issue.

For those that support cannabis legalization and are fans of the good things that can come from the plant, it’s important to make sure you’re staying balanced in the information you take in and share with others. While it’s great to be so eager for cannabis and the cannabis industry linked to positive news, it’s important that everyone tries to do their part at making sure they’re not spreading misinformation, as doing so can make the topic as a whole seem less credible to others.