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Get to Know Some of our Edibles on Edible Sunday

Get to Know Some of our Edibles on Edible Sunday

Remember, on Edible Sunday, all edibles are 10% off. Check out our menu to order online.

Half Lit – Lollipops

Half Lit Cannabis Infused Lollipops

Okay, this company is pretty special, not going to lie. First of all, half lit is a gourmet line of medical cannabis made with organic ingredients from sucker to seed. Half Lit puts a really large priority on quality of ingredients, the products are handmade in California with the utmost attention put on precision when it comes to dosing, providing consistency and quality you can trust and count on.

You may have noticed in the opening paragraph there, we did say “sucker to seed.”  That’s because with every Half Lit lolli, not only are you getting the high-quality edible that will leave you satisfied and feeling great, but every Half Lit lolli comes with a creative approach that is an invention Half Lit can take the credit for: the stick. No, we don’t mean that Half Lit invented the lollipop stick, but in every Half Lit lollipop stick there is a cannabis seed, one that is allowed to grow after being planted when you’ve finished your half lit lollipop. You don’t have to unwrap it, or dig it out. Just put the stick in the ground, water it and give it light and the product will do the rest.

How much do plants cost these days? We have to imagine it’s a lot more than a Half Lit Lollipop.



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Kanha Cannabis Infused CBD Gummies

It’s no secret that Kanha is widely considered the best tasting cannabis gummy on the market (we’ll let you be the judge of that, though!) Kanha takes pride in their products by making sure they use the highest quality cannabis oils. Scientifically extracted and infused to provide a precise dose, that is always consistent. Kanha products are safe, reliable, and tasty. At Delta, Kanha edibles are quite popular, and we have something for everyone. Whether you prefer Indica, Sativa, and a primarily CBD mixture, there’s a Kanha product at Delta Dispensary for you.

Don’t forget to check out the “Nano” gummies, offering a kick a little faster than you’re used to. These fast acting gummies utilize nano-technology to get you feeling good faster than traditional products.

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Infused Peanut Butter 

Zendo comes with high regard, a 2016 “Best Spread” edibles magazine winner, and an Emerald Cup winner. This prestigious brand of cannabis infused peanut butter is handled with the utmost attention (which is probably where the awards come from!)

Zendo infused peanut butter is given the attention you expect from a quality edible, ground to perfection – not too smooth, not too crunchy, but just right. Customers enjoy putting Zendo peanut butter on their toast, or even just straight out of the jar. Making smoothies or sweet baked goods? Throw some Zendo peanut butter in there for some fun. With Zendo you’ll learn quickly that staying medicated can taste very, very good.

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