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In 2020 the Hits Just Keep Coming – An Update From Our Dispensary

In 2020 the Hits Just Keep Coming – An Update From Our Dispensary

What a year.

2020 has brought a lot of things to us. We’ve experienced a global economic crisis, to be clear, ANOTHER global economic crisis, as if 2008 wasn’t fun enough right? We’ve been dealing with a global pandemic, and now we’re trying to navigate our way through very challenging social waters given everything happening all around the country. Boy, did we pick the best year to open a dispensary and start a new business or what!?

Despite the uncontrollable headwinds, this has been a really good year for Delta Dispensary. We were able to successfully open our doors, and server our community. We love our customers, and so far as best we can tell, they love us! Can’t really ask for anything better there.

As you know, we did have to close down the store earlier this week without much notice, and we’re really sorry about that! With everything going on in Antioch, and the surrounding cities in Contra Costa County, we were forced to first temporarily halt our delivery service, for the safety of our drivers. The same day we were forced to close early, as mentioned above.

Now, we’re operating on shorter hours, and while we’re not happy about having to limit the amount of time we’re able to serve our customers, we understand that sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Thankfully, throughout COVID, and now with the current social unrest, we’re still able to remain open, however we are operating under a temporarily limited time range. Until the curfews are lifted in Contra Costa County, we will be open from 8am to 5:30pm.

As mentioned, we have temporarily suspended our delivery service, and we will let you know the moment that’s back in action, as it’s been very popular with our customers! Until then, you can still come to the shop, and you can still utilize our express pickup service, just remember that while the curfew is in order, we are only open until 5:30pm.

This update is a bit shorter than the others, we just wanted to make sure we were keeping our customers updated with the situation.  Be safe, be well, and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

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